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2012 Portland State University Intervarsity
Nationals Warm-up Tournament

March 31 – April 1, 2012

Hosted by


Portland State University Debate Team


Portland, Oregon

Dear Friends, Comrades and Colleagues,

On behalf of the Portland State Debate Team, I would like to invite you to the 2012 PSU IV, to be hosted on the Portland State Campus in downtown Portland, Oregon March 31 - April 1, 2011.  This goal of this tournament is to promote the WUDC format of debate within the United States, and prepare teams who are competing at USUDC 2012 at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon.

Our tournament will feature five rounds of preliminary competition, with the appropriate number of elimination rounds, based on entries (probably sems and finals), and a novice final, if there are enough novice breaks to warrant it.

This tournament is open to any school that would like to participate. The registration deadline for this tournament is Friday, March 16th, 2012.

I promise to do everything I can to make this tournament interesting, educational and exceptional. I hope you join us and look forward to hosting you.



Dan Adler
Tournament Director

Tournament Information




Friday, March 30 (tentative)


·    4:30 PM          workshop

·    5:30                 Zero Round

·    7:00                Coaches’ Social

Saturday, November 13


·    8:30                Registration and Coffee

·     9:00               Briefing

·     9:30               Round 1

·    11:30               Round 2

·    1:00               Lunch

·    2:30               Round 3

·    4:30                Round 4

Sunday, November 14


·    9:30                Roll Call and Coffee

·    10:00               Round 5

·    11:30                Lunch

·    1:00                 Break Announcement, Semifinals and Novice Finals

·    1:30                 Awards

·    2:00                Finals


All entries must be submitted via e-mail to Please include the number of teams, team member names, and names of adjudicators, and any novice designations.  You will receive confirmation of your registration within 48 hours.  

Please make checks out to: Portland State University

*Please note that for this tournament Novice is defined as a person who is in their first year of collegiate debate competition, not just their first year competing in the BP format.



School fee - $50
Team Fee - $50
Uncovered Team Fee - $120    (N-1 Requirement)

School fees will be waived for any schools participating in WUDC format for the first time, for student run teams, international teams or anyone facing economic hardship. Seriously if you want to come but there is some kind of financial issue, contact me, we'll work something out.


This tournament is open to any undergraduate or graduate student seeking a degree in good-faith from an accredited academic institution.

Debate Rules

We will be following the WUDC rules, which can be found at  Electronic prep will be allowed, and we will try to get a guest password for our campus wi-fi network.


This tournament will feature 5 preliminary rounds of competition, and the appropriate number of out-rounds, based on the number of entries. As is common in international debate formats, it is possible that teams may face other teams from the same school in any given round, and to hit the same teams multiple times. We will probably be using Tournaman to tab this tournament.

The tournament will be run on computer to produce the pairings, positions, and judge panels.  Once the pairings are produced, no changes will be made to teams, positions, or judges.  All teams are guaranteed to get each position at least once through the preliminary rounds.  It is the obligation of each institution to let tab know before the tournament starts about any conflicts that should be accounted for in the tabulation.

Consensus judging and oral adjudications will take place after each round, including the final preliminary round.


Awards will be given to all elimination-round contestants, as well as the top 10 speakers, and the top 3 novice speakers.


Travel Information

For those of you arriving by plane, you will want to fly into Portland International Airport (PDX).  It is approximately 15 minutes from downtown Portland.  A taxi will cost approximately $50, or you can ride our light-rail system (The Max) for $2.50, which will take you all the way to the PSU campus.

Light Rail

I would highly recommend using our light rail system to save you money and make our tournament more green. It is ridiculously cheap (about $2.5o per person) and runs from about 5:00 AM to about 11:50 PM Monday through Friday.

The Red line runs from the Airport to Pioneer Square in downtown Portland.  At Pioneer Square you can take either the Yellow or Green line straight to PSU (make sure you are heading south, it will say to PSU on the train).  It gets off a few blocks from the hotel.

Here is the website to check times and routes, trains usually come every 15 minutes or less:

There is virtually no reason to need a car in Portland, since our campus is in the heart of Downtown and food and lodging will be plentiful within blocks of the university. If you wish to tour the city I would recommend renting a bicycle, which will set you back about $50 for the weekend

Portland State University is an urban campus, located in downtown Portland, and is spread out over several city blocks.  We will try to keep the tournament confined to three main buildings.  The registration and general meeting area will be in the Smith Center, which is located at 1825 SW Broadway.  Look for signs to guide you to registration.

If you must drive:

To get to PSU (from the airport); take I-205 South to I-84 West.  From I-84, merge onto I-5 Southbound.  From there, Merge onto the I-405 Northbound and take the 6th Ave. exit.  Proceed three blocks, and turn left on Harrison Street.  There you will see Parking Structure #1 on your left.

Unfortunately, because we are an urban campus, parking can be difficult.  You can pay to park in Parking Structure #1 located at 1872 SW Broadway, which is directly across the street from the Smith Center.  Prices vary depending on the time of day. University Place Hotel (see below) also offers guest overnight parking for $12/night, or you can always try to find parking on the street.  



We recommend staying at the University Place Hotel located at 310 SW Lincoln Street, Portland, OR 97201, just 3 blocks from campus. To make reservations call 503-221-0140 or toll free at 1-866-845-4647. Please ask for the “Debate Tournament” room block. There is an $89 deluxe room, which I would highly recommend, and a $79 standard room rate.  This includes a continental breakfast.  More information about the University Place Hotel can be found at

Crash will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis; with priority given to international teams.  Please contact me in advance if you think you will require crash.


Portland is a food Mecca, there are a number of low, medium, and high cost options available on or near campus, many of which cater to exotic dietary needs and or food allergies. I will be putting together a welcome packet with plenty of recommendations for local eats and drinks. We will provide coffee and a light breakfast at the tournament. It is recommended that you bring a water bottle and a coffee mug to keep our tournament green.