Thank you for your interest in using for your next tournament.

I think you will find our web registration system has a lot to offer you. Danny Cantrell (Mt. San Antonio College) now runs the site that was originally created by Erick Roebuck (John Brown University). has been used by over 1000 tournaments from around the country including some of the largest high school and college tournaments. Our system is flexible to handle a 6 school tournament or 100 school tournament. You can have as many events as you desire. Our system can take an unlimited number of entries for your tournament. We can take entries for debate events, individual events, student congress, and readers theater.

Judge entries are also managed including the ability to request judge philosophies and judge preference data.

Why use

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The two main advantages of using a web registration system for your upcoming tournament is time and accuracy. As tournament directors both Erick and I used to dread the hours upon hours it would take shifting through all the registration data the week of the tournament. can make tournament setup go from 20 hours to 1 hour.

Additionally, you will have substantially fewer data entry errors when using a web registration system. Since the coaches are directly entering their student and judge names spelling errors are much less common. Additionally, since the registration data is available on the web many students check their entries and can alert their coaches before the tournament if they notice they are entered in the wrong division or event. All of this happens before you even have to look at the data.

Some Key Benefits:

  1. Fast and Accurate Data Import: Copying entry data from emails/forms to tab programs by hand is a thing of the past. can export the data in a number of formats for all the major tab software programs. If you need the data in another format let us know and we will work with you.
  2. Full Integration with EverythingTab was built by Danny Cantrell to work seemlessly with Importing entry data to EverythingTab is as easy as the click of a button.
  3. Automate entry adds, drops, and changes: Avoid answering hundreds of change emails the week of the tournament. Because the schools enter their registration online through a school account the coach can log back in and change their entry as needed without contacting you! No longer will you have to print out all those emails to double check changes. Often tournaments have been able to leave the registration window open an extra day or two to let coaches make additional changes since data entry is so quick.
  4. Copy Costs: Post your tournament invitation to to save copy costs and promote your tournament to the hundreds of schools using the site. Result Packets? Don't spend time right before awards copying and stuffing hundreds of pages of result files - just post them to the website and let coaches download them. This has literally saved tournaments thousands of dollars in copy costs - not to mention countless trees!
  5. Contacting Schools: Email all the coaches registered for your tournament directly from the website. No longer will you need to track down email addresses for all the schools attending the tournament or worry about not getting updated information to every school.
  6. Other Features: Our site can track wait list information, store judging philosophies, record judge preference information, and more features are on the way. Need our site to do something else for your tournament? Contact us and we can try to add your request.

Easy Price Structure


The cost for hosting your tournament registration on is by far the lowest among comparable websites. Our pricing system is easy to understand and easy to plan - we charge you $1 per school that registers at your tournament. So, if you host a tournament that has 20 schools in attendance, your bill is $20. No variable entry fees, no complex pricing tier system - just $1 per school entered. Invoices are available online following the conclusion of the tournament and you can pay by check or credit card online. One of the best recommendations we can make for using is that both of the programmers, Erick Roebuck and myself, use the website for tournaments that we direct. We use the software so we want to make sure it saves us time and energy. You can also see from the tournament list that once a tournament uses our site they usually use the site again the next year.

If you are also interested in using the latest tab software, EverythingTab, we offer a discount for both sites. Normally, EverythingTab is priced at $3 per school registered at the tournament. But if you use both, we will waive the $1 per school fee for and simply charge you the single $3 per school fee - that's a saving of 25%!

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To setup your tournament after logging on with your account simply click on the New Tournament link. The website will guide you through the process. Or, we can setup the tournament as well - just send us your invitation.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We hope our site can serve the community and make your life as a tournament director much easier.


Danny Cantrell