Tournament Status: Adds, changes, or drops for existing schools only (No new schools)

Welcome to the home page for the 2018 Washington State District IV State Qualifiers tournament hosted by District IV (WA) on Feb 16-22, 2018 for High School students.

Welcome to the 2018 District IV Qualifier!

We will be hosting IE's on Friday Feb. 16th at Mountain View High School. We are running a new format this year that will match states single pattern style. We will run three rounds of 1 1/2 hours each. Students may compete in two events during each round. We will be running script checks at 11am in the student center and starting the tournament at noon. 


We will host Public Forum debate on Feb. 20th at Mountain View High School starting in the library at 4pm. We will be using the March Public Forum Topic. 

We will host LD and Congress on Thursday Feb. 22nd starting at 4pm at Mountain View High School. 

  1. Elma H.S. (Elma, WA)
  2. Heritage High School (Vancouver, WA)
  3. Mountain View High School (Vancouver, WA)
  4. Prairie High School (Battle Ground, WA)
  5. Ridgefield High School (Ridgefield, WA)
  6. Skyview High School (Vancouver, WA)
  7. Tumwater High School (Tumwater, WA)
  8. Union High School (Camas, WA)
  9. W. F. West High School (Chehalis, WA)
  1. B - Open Pub.-Forum (4)
  2. C - Open Congress (17)
  3. C - Open LD (8)

Total Debate Entries: 29

Pattern - Event - (entries)

  1. A - Open Dramatic-Duo (6)
  2. A - Open Dramatic-Interp (8)
  3. A - Open Expository (10)
  4. A - Open Extemporaneous (8)
  5. A - Open Humorous-Interp (6)
  6. A - Open Impromptu (21)
  7. A - Open Interp-Reading (15)
  8. A - Open Oratory (13)

Total IE Entries: 87

Pattern - Event - (entries)