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ForensicsCalendar seeks to solve the problem so many coaches face each year: finding tournament information. It's a problem that the coaches who run this site face every year.

Whether you plan on using ForensicsTournament.net for your web registration or EverythingTab for your tournament tabulation or not, ForensicsCalendar will be happy to list your tournament for free. You can even use the features on the site such as the tournament blog and posting results for free. Our goal is to make finding out tournament information as easy as possible - even if you don't plan on using our site for registration or tabulation.


Tournament Directors can list their tournament information to make it easier for coaches or students to find tournament information. Hundreds of schools use our site each year and by listing your tournament on ForensicsCalendar you make it easier for programs to find information about your tournament.

It's free of charge and you have the ability to use the tournament blog feature as well as post results. We hope this can become a service we provide to the community to make all our lives easier!

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