Advertising Proposal now offers you an opportunity to advertise to thousands of high school and college speech and debate students and coaches.  Reach over 200 schools from around the country each week as they register for tournaments. can increase exposure for your endeavor by being featured on our site.


As of December 2013 has hosted tournament registration for over 1,000 tournaments across the country and collected over 550,000 entries. Each month during the academic year (Sep-June) the site gets on average 130,000 hits. During the 2012-2013 school year the site had over a million hits by 65,000 unique visitors.    


Our website would be an excellent way to advertise your tournament, your program for transfer students, forensics camps, books, etc.  We can also link to non-forensics related businesses that we deem appropriate for the site.


We offer one place to advertise to avoid having too many ads on the site at any one time  The advertisement is located on the right hand side of almost every page of our website.  Please visit to view how the advertisements look on our site


Each advertisement can be a maximum of 200 by 100 pixels.  If you wish we can put together an advertisement image for you at no additional cost.  The advertisement will also feature one line of text underneath the image that will feature a link to a website of your choosing.  Additionally, we can host a one page ‘flyer’ on our site that can have information about your camp if you do not have your own website to direct people to find more information for no additional charge.  You will need to supply the information for the flyer.


We will keep track of the number of times your advertisement was viewed and the number of times it was clicked on for your records.  There are no recurring charges.  With the expected number of hits this should amount to less than a penny per view of your advertisement.  All fees would need to be collected in advance.  Additional advertising plans can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.


We look forward to working with you. Please contact Danny Cantrell if you are interested   Thank you for the opportunity to discuss this exciting new feature on  We reserve the right to decline any ads deemed inappropriate for the site.



Advertising Plans:




School Year (Sept-June) - $100 total