Tournament Status: Tournament Completed

Welcome to the home page for the 2013 SDIVSL IE Quals tournament hosted by Carlsbad High School (CA) on Mar 8-9, 2013 for High School students.

Separate registration pages are set up for Congress/Parli/PF Quals (February 22 and 23) and Lincoln-Douglas/Policy Quals (March 1 and 2).

 This tournament is open only to SDIVSL member schools. All teams must be paid members of CHSSA by Feb. 8, 2013.


Tournament Director: Don Etheridge, VP of IEs (email)


School Address: 3557 Lancer Way, Carlsbad, 92008

Parking: Main parking lot

Tab Location: Room 807

Judges' Room: Library


Qualifying Spots/ Entry Limitations: Students who cannot attend the CHSSA State Tournament on April 19, 20, and 21 at West Ranch High School are not eligible to compete at this tournament. Additionally, students who are not available to compete in all scheduled rounds of this tournament are not eligible to compete.

Our league will qualify four (4) students in IX, NX, and IMP and five (5) students in DI, HI, TI, OI, OO, OA, Expos, Duo, and OPP. A school may have up to ten (10) entries in any of the events. Additional entries count against the ten (10) floating entries that each school is allotted for the three weekends.

At this tournament, no student may enter more than two events in any one pattern. Students entered in extemp may not enter any other event in that pattern.

Pattern A: OO, OA, IX, HI, TI, Duo

Pattern B: NX, Imp, Expos, DI, OI, OPP

Be sure not to exceed any individual or school entry limits: No student may enter more than four (4) events total throughout the three weekends.


Fees: $8.00 for each individual entry is $8.00, $16.00 for each Duo team. A one-time school fee of $25 is required to enter any/all of the three qualifying tournaments. Make checks payable to SDIVSL. Fees are final as of 11:00 am, Saturday, February 23. All fees must be paid at that time (at Congress/Parli/PF Quals at Helix). 


Entry/ Drop Deadlines: Entries for this tournament must be posted on no later than 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 23, 2013. All fees will be final and payable at that time. Please email any drops prior to the tournament to or call them in to 619-200-7439, and drop them on the entry site.


Judges: Each school is required to bring one judge for every six entries. IMPORTANT: All judges are committed to remain one round PAST the elimination of their team's last competitor. Click here for instructions regarding entering judges.


Tournament details: All competitors will compete in two preliminary rounds. Following the second round, the top 14 competitors in each event will advance to semifinals, then the top 7 will advance to finals. (More may advance in cases of unbreakable ties, etc.)

Manuscripts: A manuscript that is in compliance with the CHSSA guidelines listed on the official cover sheet must accompany any prepared speech. Please read the CHSSA requirements carefully, and thoroughly check over your school’s manuscripts before submission to the league. It will save all of us a good deal of time and effort if manuscripts are in compliance when we read them at the reading meeting on February 23. All manuscripts must have a completed cover sheet attached and must be submitted in person by the coach of the school at the league meeting at 11:00 am at the Congress/Parli/PF Tournament on Saturday, February 23. Cover sheets are available to download online at the CHSSA website (

Any entry for prepared events not accompanied by a manuscript and cover sheet will not be entered in the tournament. Any manuscript that, at the league meeting, is found to be out of compliance with the CHSSA requirements must be corrected and resubmitted to the league president at the LD/Policy Tournament at San Dieguito Academy on Saturday, March 2. An additional $10 fee must accompany each manuscript that is resubmitted. It is the responsibility of the individual coach to get any resubmitted manuscripts into the League President’s hands by that date. Note: Double-check that all signatures, that are applicable, are present on the coversheets.



Friday, March 8

3:15 – 3:30 p.m. Registration (All schools must check in by 3:30!)

4:00 IX draw

4:30 Round 1 Pattern A (OO, OA, IX, HI, TI, Duo)

6:00 NX Draw

6:30 Round 1 Pattern B (NX, IMP, Expos, DI, OI, OPP)

8:00 IX Draw

8:30 Round II Pattern A


Saturday, March 9

8:30 a.m. NX draw

9:00 Round II Pattern B

10:30 IX draw

11:00 Semi-Finals Pattern A

12:30 NX draw

1:00 Semi-Finals Pattern B

2:30 IX Draw

3:00 Finals Pattern A

4:30 NX Draw

5:00 Finals Pattern B

7:30 Awards

ASAP Sign-Off Meeting (All coaches must attend)

After the awards ceremony following IE Quals, all coaches must return to the tab room to sign off any students who have qualified for the State Tournament. All coaches need to attend this meeting even if you don’t have a student that is qualified outright. Each year, students who haven’t qualified outright shift up into a qualifying position because of other students’ shifting out of the event, since a student may only enter one individual event at the State Tournament. If the coach is not at the meeting to confirm a student’s attendance at the State Tournament, the students may be bypassed and excluded from State qualification.

Note: If you sign a “No” on a student, that student MAY NOT later be added into that event if some problem arises with his or her participation in another event, such as Team Debate or Duo. If a student does not qualify outright in any event you still may only sign yes in one event.


Y ou must come to this  meeting! 

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  1. A - Open DUO (25)
  2. A - Open Humorous-Interp (26)
  3. A - Open International-Extemp (34)
  4. A - Open Oratory (33)
  5. A - Open Original-Advocacy (15)
  6. A - Open Thematic-Interp (25)
  7. B - Open Dramatic-Interp (31)
  8. B - Open Expository (26)
  9. B - Open Impromptu (41)
  10. B - Open National-Extemp (33)
  11. B - Open Oratorical-Interp (32)
  12. B - Open Original-Prose-Poetr (37)

Total IE Entries: 358

Pattern - Event - (entries)