Tournament Status: Tournament Completed

Welcome to the home page for the 2017 SCJFL 3rd Quarter Speech Only Tournament tournament hosted by Emerson Community Charter (CA) on Feb 24, 2017 for Middle School students.

Greetings SCJFL coaches!

The Emerson community is delighted to host our second SCJFL speech tournament!  Please make note of the following:

(1) There are changes to the Creative Duo event.  The same rules apply: two students memorize and perform an originally written piece for two actors.  Contestants may not touch or look at each other (8 min).  Within these perimeters, students may create a mock TV show, but creative duo rules apply.  To be clear: no props, no costumes, no direct focus after the introduction. No table, no chairs.


(3) PROGRAM ORAL INTERPRETATION will also be offered. While this event is not offered at NATS for middle school, it is offered at the high school level, and it will be offered at the first ever middle school Tournament of Champions in mid-May this year.

(4) In order to stay on schedule, and in light of 10-minute time allowance on three of the events, we will have five competitors in a room for the three prelim rounds.  The exceptions to that will be Extemp and Creative DUO, of course, which may have 6 competitors in each room.  

(5) The Extemp Topic areas are

    R1 - Domestic policy

    R2 - Social issues

    R3 - Foreign policy


With warm wishes,

Lily Parker

Iain Lampert


Tournament Documents

  1. Emerson Campus Map - updated
  2. Guide to Events (revised)
  3. Invitation (revised)

Tournament Links:

  1. Food menu 1
  2. Food Menu 2
  1. Emerson Community Charter (Los Angeles, CA)
  2. High Point Academy (Pasadena, CA)
  3. iLEAD Schools (Los Angeles, CA)
  4. Jefferson Middle School (San Gabriel, CA)
  5. Kudos (Temple City, CA)
  6. Larchmont Charter School, West Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA)
  7. Mesa Verde Middle School (Moorpark, CA)
  8. New West Charter School (Los Angeles, CA)
  9. Velasquez Academy (Canoga Park, CA)
  10. Wilshire Academy (Los Angeles, CA)
  1. A - Middle School Creative-DUO (26)
  2. A - Middle School Dramatic-Interp (42)
  3. A - Middle School Extemporaneous (22)
  4. A - Middle School Original-Oratory (35)
  5. A - Middle School Program-Oral-Interp (18)

Total IE Entries: 143

Pattern - Event - (entries)

NOTE: all middle school tournaments no longer display competitors names to protect privacy.