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Welcome to the home page for the 2017 The Missouri Mule Swing Speech & Debate Tournament tournament hosted by The University of Central Missouri (MO) on Oct 20-22, 2017 for College students.

Welcome to the home page for the 2017 The Missouri Mule Swing Speech & Debate Tournament tournament hosted by The University of Central Missouri on Oct 20-21, 2017!!!

The coaching staff and competitors of the "Talking Mules" Speech & Debate Team are excited to serve as your host for the 2017 Missouri Mule Speech & Debate Tournament!

Our tournament will offer solid competition in all 11 AFA-NIET recognized events. We will also offer debate competition in Open and Novice divisions of NPDA, NFA-LD and Public Forum! We were huge last year with some IE's going to semis and LD open going to partial double Octos. If all indications are valid, we should be even bigger this year!

As such, please get your entries in early. There are not a wealth of judges for hire and they tend to go quickly. We'd hate to turn away entries due to a lack of qualified judges. Hotel rooms may also be tight this year. Reserve them early. If you need further suggestions, please contact me directly at

Please make checks payable to: UCMO Forensics.  Our tax ID number is EIN #46-3836498. 

For our tournament, Novice in all divisions of debate is defined as not more than 2 semesters of debate experience in high school or college in any format.

We are linked to the Dale Carnegie Swing which we will host on Sunday. It offers competiton in all 11 AFA-NIET indivudal events and Open and Novice divisions of NFA-LD. You MUST enter both tournaments on this website to compete in both. Fees are collected separately for each individual tournament. A word about fees: the calaculation of fees on this website is a general estimate. Final fee determinations will be set on your entries as they stand at 5:00 p.m. CST on Tuesday, October 17th.

We will encourage, but not require all LD participants to post their new Affirmative cases to the WikiSpaces run by Shanna Carlson. We will allow WiFi access during extempt prep, but cannot guarantee access to all. It is available on a public WiFi run by the University, but we cannot guarantee it will always work seamlessly or be available consistently.

Tournament Documents

Tournament Documents

  1. Tournament Invitation / Hotel Information
  2. Tournament Rules, Regulations & Schedule

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  1. C - LD Novice NFA-LD (8)
  2. C - LD Open NFA-LD (58)
  3. D - NPDA Novice NPDA-Novice (3)
  4. D - NPDA Open NPDA-Open (22)
  5. E - Public Forum - Novic Pub.-Forum (3)
  6. E - Public Forum - Open Pub.-Forum (7)

Total Debate Entries: 101

Pattern - Event - (entries)

  1. A - IE Dramatic-Duo (9)
  2. A - IE Extemporaneous (24)
  3. A - IE Persuasive (10)
  4. A - IE Prog-Oral-Interp (11)
  5. A - IE Prose (30)
  6. B - IE After-Dinner-Spk (8)
  7. B - IE Comm-Analysis (11)
  8. B - IE Dramatic-Interp (16)
  9. B - IE Impromptu (41)
  10. B - IE Informative (12)
  11. B - IE Poetry (14)

Total IE Entries: 186

Pattern - Event - (entries)