Tournament Status: Tournament Completed

Welcome to the home page for the 2013 Winterlake Novice Scrimmage tournament hosted by Interlake High School (WA) on Apr 6, 2013 for Middle School students.

CANCELLED for this year. Look for us next year on a better weekend!


Join us for the First Annual Winterlake Novice Scrimmage for Middle School, Junior High & High School.  If you haven't made your 25 NFL points yet, never competed or even competed all year but never trophied*, there's a spot for you. Come join us for a day of competition and camraderie! We plan to run from first round at 8am to Awards between 5 and 6pm.

*If you've competed this year (for the first time), but never trophied, pick a new event and try it out!

POLICY DEBATE ONLY: Any high school student in their first year of policy debate is invited to our round robin.

Events offered: Congress, Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum and 9 kinds of speech! (Extemporaneous, Impromptu, Original Oratory, Expository, Dramatic Interp, Humorous Interp, Duo Interp, Interpretive Reading and Editorial Commentary).

Invitation uploaded!

Fees: All Schools will pay a base fee of $30 - which will cover your first 3 entries. Bigger teams will pay $10 more per entry.


A: Congress (runs simultaneously with LD/PF) - We'll be using the Spring Packet.

B: LD, PF (runs simultaneously with Congress) - LD topic is March/April topic.

PF: We're using the April topic: Resolved: The continuation of current U.S. anti-drug policies in Latin America will do more harm than good.

C: IE's

D: Invitational Round Robin CX (if competing in this Round Robin, you will not be able to compete in any other event. Schedules won't allow it)

Tournament Documents

  1. Invitation 2013
  1. BC ACADEMY (Langley, BC)
  2. Interlake High School (Bellevue, WA, WA)
  1. A - Novice Congress (1)
  2. B - Novice LD (0)
  3. B - Novice Pub.-Forum (3)
  4. D - Novice Policy (2)

Total Debate Entries: 6

Pattern - Event - (entries)

NOTE: all middle school tournaments no longer display competitors names to protect privacy.

  1. C - Novice Dramatic-Interp (0)
  2. C - Novice Dual-Interp (1)
  3. C - Novice Editorial-Comm (2)
  4. C - Novice Expository (0)
  5. C - Novice Extemporaneous (0)
  6. C - Novice Humorous-Interp (0)
  7. C - Novice Impromptu (0)
  8. C - Novice Interp-Reading (6)
  9. C - Novice Oratory (4)

Total IE Entries: 13

Pattern - Event - (entries)

NOTE: all middle school tournaments no longer display competitors names to protect privacy.