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Welcome to the home page for the 2017 Al Johnson Swing tournament hosted by Colorado College (CO) on Sep 22-24, 2017 for College students.

James ‘Al’ Johnson Memorial Speech and Debate Tournament

September 22-24th 2017

Please note: If you are attending both halves of the tournament, you must register for both the 2017 James 'Al' Johnson Memorial AND 2017 'Al' Johnson Swing.

Dear Colleague:

The Colorado College cordially invites you to attend the James ‘Al’ Johnson Memorial Invitational to take place at the CC campus on September 22-24th. This year the tournament will include an NPDA debate tournament (5 prelims and appropriate elims) and two IE tournaments, featuring eleven AFA individual events.

The attached invitation contains complete information about the tournament. If there is a question you don't find answered, please do not hesitate to contact me. I expect this year's tournament to draw outstanding competition that will be complemented by an excellent tab room staff. I hope that you will join us in the shadow of beautiful Pike's Peak for a superb fall tournament.


Warm personal regards,

Julian Plaza                                                     Sarah Hinkle                          

Director of Forensics                                      Head Speech Coach               

Office (719) 389-6339                                    Office (719) 389-6339                                   

Cell (970) 215-2423                                        Cell (816) 645-1463









James "Al" Johnson Memorial Speech and Debate Tournament

Thursday, Sept. 21 Registration @ Holiday Inn Express

7-8:30PM in Lobby

Friday, Sept. 22

8:00 Topic Announce: Round One

8:20-9:30 Round One: NPDA Debate

9:30 Topic Announce: Round Two

9:50-11:00 Round Two: NPDA Debate

11:00 Topic Announce: Round Three

11:20-12:15 Round Three: NPDA Debate

12:15-1:00 LUNCH BREAK –provided

1:00 Topic Announce: Round Four

1:20-2:30 Round Four: NPDA Debate

2:30 Topic Announce: Round Five

2:50-4:00 – Round Five: NPDA Debate  

4:00 Elim 1 Topic Announce

4:20-5:30 Elim 1: NPDA Debate

5:30 Elim 2 Topic Announce

5:50-7:00 Elim 2: NPDA Debate

7:00 Elim 3 Topic Announce

7:20-8:30 Elim 3: NPDA Debate


Saturday, Sept. 23

8:00 Elim 4 Topic Announce

8:20-9:30 Elim 4: NPDA Debate

8:30-9:30 – IE Only Registration

9:30 PM – Extemp Draw

9:45-11:00 – Pattern A, Round 1 (EXT, INF, ADS, PRO, POE)

11:00-12:15 – Pattern B, Round 1 (IMP, PER, CA, DRA, POI, DUO)

12:15-1:15 - Lunch

1:15-2:30 – Pattern B, Round 2

2:30 – Extemp Draw

2:45-4:00 – Pattern A, Round 2 

4:00-5:15 – Pattern B Semifinals & Finals

5:15– Extemp Draw

5:30-6:45 - Pattern A Semifinals & Finals

6:45-7:30 - Dinner Provided

7:30 - Extemp Draw (if needed)

7:45-9:00 – Pattern A & B Finals (if needed)


Sunday, Sept. 24

8:00 – Extemp Draw

8:15-9:30 – Pattern A, Round 1

9:30-10:45 – Pattern B, Round 1

10:45-12:00 – Pattern B, Round 2

12:00-1:00 – Lunch

1:00 – Extemp Draw

1:15-2:30 – Pattern A, Round 2

2:30-3:45 – Pattern B Semifinals & Finals

3:45- Extemp Draw

4:00-5:15 – Pattern A Finals & Semifinals

5:45 – Extemp Draw (if needed)

6:00 – 7:30 – Pattern A & B Finals (if needed)

7:30 - Awards



Any regularly enrolled undergraduate in a two year or four year college is eligible to participate. Eligibility standards for AFA and NPDA nationals will be enforced, and the tournament director reserves the right to ask a coach to prove that a student is eligible. A contestant may enter up to three individual events per conflict pattern.

FORENSICSTOURNAMENT.NET IS THE PREFERRED METHOD OF REGISTRATION. Please input your entries no later than TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 19, by 5:00 p.m. MDT. Entries will not be accepted via email or other means.

Parliamentary Debate (NPDA):

The NPDA debate tournament will follow regular tournament procedures as outlined in the Bylaws and Rules of Debate and Judging recognized by the National Parliamentary Debate Association ( Open, Junior, and Novice divisions will be offered, assuming adequate entries in each division. Any eligible student may enter the Open division. Per NPDA guidelines, Junior entries should be limited to students in their first four semesters of collegiate competition and who have not advanced to elimination rounds more than three times in a Junior or Open division of NPDA debate. Novice competitors should be in their first two semesters of competition, have no or limited HS experience, and have not advanced more than three times in any division of NPDA debate. Eligibility status will be determined based on the most experienced competitor in any debate partnership. In extreme circumstances, a school may have up to one “Maverick” entry; however, the tournament encourages hybrid entries rather than “Maverick” entries. Maverick entries may not accrue sweepstakes points, advance to elimination rounds, or receive top speaker recognition. NPDA sweepstakes points will be given to the top four teams per division from each school. Five preliminary rounds of NPDA debate will be followed by an appropriate number of elimination rounds as indicated by the NPDA by-laws.

We will administer the NPDA debate competition in accordance with procedures at the NPDA national tournament. The topic for each NPDA round will be announced at the time of the scheduled start for each NPDA round. Teams should be in their scheduled room and ready to compete exactly 20 minutes after the topic has been announced. At the expiration of preparation time, the judge will begin a timer. The team(s) who is/are not present will have the total of that time deducted from the speaking time of their first speech. If the late team(s) is/are not present by the expiration of their first speech’s total time, they will receive a forfeit with zero speaker points. If neither team is present by 8:00 after prep time has expired, both shall be forfeited and both teams shall receive 0 speaker points. Judges who fail to enforce this forfeiture rule will be removed from the judging pool and their sponsoring schools will be subject to appropriate fines.

Judges will be randomly assigned; however, an appropriate number of judge strikes will be made available to each team based on size and composition of the judging pool.

Decision disclosure at the end of the round is at the discretion of the judge, but we request oral critiques are withheld until ballots have been submitted. The tournament will utilize email ballots and all judges will be required to have a device from which they can send and receive email. Competitors and coaches will have access to a "warm room" where results of each debate round will be posted as they become available.

Elimination Rounds:

At the end of the five preliminary rounds, the maximum number of teams allowable based on NPDA bylaws will be advanced to elimination rounds. Teams advance first on their win loss record, next on adjusted speaker points, and finally on judge variance (z-score). BRACKETS WILL BE BROKEN in elimination rounds. “Maverick” entries may not advance to elimination rounds.

Individual Events - General:

The individual events offered are subject to the rules of the AFA National Individual Events Tournament.

Complete event descriptions are available on request. Two conflict patterns A & B will be offered in open division. Semi-finals where entries warrant, and finals will follow two preliminary rounds with the top twelve being advanced semifinals and the top six to finals. If fewer than 49 students enter a division of an event, that event will go directly to finals. In the occurrence of a very small number of participants in an event, that event may go to three rounds and no finals.

Please watch for announcements concerning when finals for various events will take place as these will be adapted by the IE tab room for judge and room availability during the time allotted in the schedule for semifinals and finals. No speaker will be ranked lower than 4th in the preliminary rounds, but speakers will be ranked 1st through last in elimination rounds.



Awards will be given for finalists in individual events. NPDA awards will be given to all teams that advance to at least octafinals. The top five speakers in each division of NPDA will receive an award.

Sweepstakes trophies will be awarded in the following categories: Debate, Individual Events, and Overall (combined).

Sweepstakes awards will be calculated in the following manner:

IEs: 1st Place: 20 points, 2nd Place: 15 points, 3rd Place: 10 points, Finalists: 5 points, and Semifinalists: 3 points.

NPDA: 5 points for each win in preliminary rounds. Only the top 4 teams in each division per school will be eligible for sweepstakes points.


Fees are: $75 for each NPDA debate team, $20 for each individual event ($30 for Duo). Schools cannot be guaranteed that they will be able to enter students in excess of the judges they provide, but to the extent that judges can be hired, a fee of $150 will be will be charged for each uncovered NPDA debate team and $25 will be charged for each uncovered event in individual events per tournament. One judge covers 2 NPDA Debate Teams and 6 IE Entries. Please note that IE judging commitments are determined as a whole and not per conflict pattern.

Lunch will be provided everyday by Rastall’s Dining Hall and local vendors with the cost of $5 per student/judge/coach/per day, which will be added to the total cost of each school’s attendance. Coffee and light breakfast fare will be available each morning along with snacks and refreshments during the day for all participants at no cost.

Fees will be assessed as of Tuesday, September 19 at 5:00 PM (MDT), and schools will be expected to pay fees as indicated by their entry at that time regardless of subsequent deletions.

Drops after Wednesday at 5:00PM (MDT) will result in a $50 fee per dropped entry.

Judging Obligations:

Debate judges are committed through the first full elimination round. Judges from schools with debate teams in elimination rounds are committed one round past the elimination of their last team. Judging commitments apply to all judges from a school.

Individual events judges should expect to judge in both conflict patterns even if they have students entered in only one conflict pattern and that their judging commitment is through finals.

If your team can provide judges in excess of your commitment, we WOULD REALLY LIKE to either hire them for additional rounds or give a discount to the registration fees of your team. Please contact us if you would like to take advantage of this option.  

Tournament Facilitation:

The tournament director reserves the right to make any decisions necessary to facilitate the timely and accurate completion of the tournament.


Tournament Hotels:                                                               


Holiday Inn Express Central              Clarion Hotel and Conference Center

105 N. Spruce St                                 314 W. Bijou Street

Colorado Springs, CO 80905             Colorado Springs, CO 80905

719.424.4300                                      719.471.8680

$99.00/night for standard rooms        $89.00/night for standard rooms



Each room includes hot breakfast every morning. The rates will be available until September 5th!


Method of Reservations:

Holiday Inn Express:

Please note that guests will be required to guarantee payment of these charges with a major credit card upon check-in. Please advise your members to call the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Colorado Springs-Downtown Area at 719-424-4300 to make their reservations and advise them to reference the Colorado College Speech & Debate.

Group Link:

Under “Have a Group Code?” they can enter the code SAD after entering their arrival/departure dates.  They can also call 1-800-465-4329 and ask for group code SAD Please note that we are a 100% Non-Smoking facility.



The method of reservations will be Individual Direct.  Individuals may call the Clarion Hotel at 719-471-8680 and ask for the Colorado College Speech and Debate Tournament.  Please note that reservations received after the above cut-off date may be subject to prevailing rates at that time.


Tournament Documents

  1. 2017 Invitation

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  1. A - Open ADS (16)
  2. A - Open Extemp (36)
  3. A - Open Informative (28)
  4. A - Open Poetry (15)
  5. A - Open Prose (28)
  6. B - Open Comm-Analysis (8)
  7. B - Open Dramatic-Duo (8)
  8. B - Open Dramatic-Interp (14)
  9. B - Open Impromptu (52)
  10. B - Open Persuasive (16)
  11. B - Open Prog-Oral-Interp (14)

Total IE Entries: 235

Pattern - Event - (entries)